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What are my chances of being awarded Social Security Disability, with and without an Attorney?

Your chances of being approved are significantly higher with an attorney. The approval rate of cases in which a disability lawyer is involved is greater than 60%, when compared to the 40% who are not represented. This discrepancy is due to a few basic facts. Disability attorneys are well versed on the basic procedures and will ensure you are prepared for each level of the process. They assist in the thorough acquisition of your medical records, preparation for a hearing, continued contact with the SSA, and more. Seeking the assistance of an attorney as early as the initial application level has proved to be vastly beneficial for benefit approval. Victory Disability alone has won over 15 million in benefits for Veterans.


Why do I keep getting denied disability benefits?

There are many reasons as to why your benefits claim may have been denied:


1. You do not meet the basic non-medical requirements (earn too much money, have insufficient work credits)
2. You do not meet the medical requirements (your condition will not last long enough, or is not severe enough)
3. You refuse to follow your doctors prescribed treatment/therapy
4. You will not cooperate with the SSA (refuse to release medical records, do not attend the required consultative examination, etc.)
5. The SSA cannot get in contact with you
6. Your disability is due to drug or alcohol abuse
7. There is not enough medical evidence (lack of thorough documentation or a doctor’s testimony)
8. You have been convicted of a crime (you cannot receive benefits while in prison or if you were injured while incarcerated)
9. You are committing fraud


Along with these 9 contributors comes the basic fact that if your application is not well developed, you are at a greater risk for denial. This particular problem can be alleviated with the help of an attorney.


How can Victory Disability help?

As one of the nation’s largest Social Security Disability practices exclusively for Veterans, we can make a difference. With a network of expert attorneys across the nation, Victory Disability will handle your claim on location and guide you through the process. Not only that, but there are absolutely no fees involved unless you win. Do you still have reservations about attorney assistance? Give us a call at 1-866-350-7229! We have assisted and answered questions for over 50,000 Veterans regarding the Social Security Disability practice, and are happy to help!