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Doctor supporting disability claim

Make Sure Your Doctor Is Supportive of Your Disability Case

One thing some disability claimants have to look out for is their physicians/doctors and how they are acting toward their disability claims. Some doctors may act supportive and coerce you into believing they are on your side and truly help you get benefits while deep down they do not want to spend time on a disability claimant who they believe is not disabled at all. 

In this case, you should immediately seek to gather the most recent medical records you can provide. Keeping in mind that SSD and SSI cases are typically not won fairly quickly, majority of the time it will be a lengthy process and having a doctor that truly supports your commitment to obtaining these social security benefits is mandatory! 

If you feel as if your doctor is showing glimpses or signs of disinterest and or will not fill out a RFC form even if for a fee, do yourself a favor and switch doctors immediately!

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