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Tips To Prepare For Your SSDI Hearing

In order to receive disability benefits, you have to fit the criteria put in place by the SSA.  Applicants can file a claim on their own or with an attorney. Applicants that are denied should not give up.  Over 70% of initial applications are denied. Many people make the mistake of opening a new claim, instead of filing an appeal.  When you open a new claim, you give up your appeal rights to be heard at a hearing where your chances for approval could be higher.

Filing appeals to help you get disability

In most states, you have the options of a reconsideration appeal and a disability hearing appeal. The reconsideration comes after your disability application is denied. If the request for reconsideration is also denied, you can ask for a hearing.  About 80% of the requests are denied initially Stay Persistent!

The disability hearing appeal is where applicants will have their best chance to get their disability benefits.

Why does the disability hearing have better odds?

The hearing is where you will meet the person deciding your case.  An administrative law judge is the one who will decide the case. This is where the applicant can present statements and documents from your doctors. The hearing is also where a lawyer can prepare your case, submit additional evidence, and argue that your case meets approval criteria set in place by the Social Security administration

Here are some more tips to help you prepare for your hearing or case

Tip 1: When you apply, give Social Security all of your medical treatment sources, including all doctors, clinics, and hospitals. This includes all military documents and VA documents.  Be sure to include the names and addresses of your doctors and medical providers.

Tip 2: If you can, get copies of your medical records [Military or civilian] and submit them with your initial application. Doing this can reduce weeks or months from your case processing time. If you do this, ensure you get all the records, meaning your current medical records and also your older records that prove when you became disabled.  

Tip 3: Make sure you have recent medical evidence from your doctor. Why? Social Security cannot approve your disability claim if they don’t have recent medical records when they review your application. The SSA will not be able to approve applicants for benefits that have are not currently treating their disability.  

Tip 4: Give Social Security detailed information about your work history when you file a claim for disability.  The social security administration requires that applicants must have worked 5 out of the last 10 years.  

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