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Veterans Receiving VA Benefits Will Receive Stimulus Checks

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Treasury Department stated on Friday that they have implemented an operating procedure to distribute stimulus payments to low-income and disabled vets who might not otherwise receive them.

The VA and Treasury Department said that the money will be automatically sent to vets and family members who currently receive VA benefits.  Both departments stated that veterans who have not filed taxes in 2018 and 2019, would still receive the stimulus check.

This was announced after lawmakers and veterans organizations notified the government that a “substantial” number of disabled veterans and surviving family members might never receive the direct payments, which Congress approved in a $2 trillion stimulus package March 27. Their concern was for disabled or low-income veterans and surviving family members who currently receive monthly compensation from the VA but do not file tax returns or receive benefits from Social Security.

The Internal Revenue Service is using the addresses and direct deposit information on file from 2018 or 2019 tax returns to send the stimulus checks, which amount to $1,200 for many Americans. For some veterans, the VA payments are their only income. Those payments are not taxable, so the IRS does not have payment information for many veterans and families — potentially millions, advocates said.

Lawmakers asked that the VA share direct deposit information with the IRS that veterans use to receive their monthly benefits. The VA is sharing that information now, the department announced Friday.  This should enable the department to improve the delivery of stimulus checks to veterans and their families.

The VA has not provided the date when payments will be distributed but did indicate that it may take weeks.  The Department of Veterans Affairs has directed veterans to the IRS website to track their payments

The VA acknowledged that some veterans in this category may have already entered their payment information through an online tool the IRS created for non-filers. The department said there would be no interruption in payment for those veterans.

The VA is encouraging veterans to use the IRS tool if they have children or dependents.  It remains unclear whether they would be able to receive financial support for their dependents. . Under the $2 trillion CARES Act, families are supposed to receive $500 per child.