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What Are Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability Benefits?

SSI or Supplemental Security Income is a program that grants monthly benefits to those who are disabled, blind and or elderly. One thing to keep in mind is that SSI has both low income and asset limits. SSI will pay $783 per month ($1,175 for a couple). 

There is also a state supplement which is put on top of the federal benefit payment. This ranges from $10-$400 which is also dependent on your relationship and your housing situation. (living alone, with a spouse, assisted living, etc) There are 8 states in which this does not apply, those are Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia and Arizona. 

If you are to be receiving outside support such as food/shelter strictly from another individual supporting you, your SSI payment can receive a deduction as this shows you do not need the full payment with this help that is being provided to you.

SSDI and SSI can be combined! Yes, you can receive both, but keep in mind this is not very frequent. Most claimants of SSDI will typically not be able to receive SSI as well, but it definitely is suitable for some.

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