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Why You Need A Social Security Disability Attorney

Written by Christian Xitas – June 10th, 2019

When you become ill and are unable to work, You can apply for government programs. The federal government provides a supplemental Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. Disability is designed to help disabled people. However, it is difficult to get approved for benefits.

Most SSD applicants end up appealing an initial decision from the Social Security Administration (SSA) about their benefits. The SSA says that its administrative appeals operation is one of the largest administrative judicial systems in the world. The SSA’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review issues more than half a million hearing and appeal dispositions each year.

Is It Hard To Obtain?

It’s easy to see how trying to obtain the SSD benefits that you deserve can become a procedural nightmare. It’s easy to see how having a Victory Disability SSD lawyer can make the process easier. We are always working to help you obtain the appropriate disability benefits. This can be an important step toward ensuring your and your family’s financial security.

Social Security Disability Attorneys have helped countless Americans. The federal government’s application process is confusing. Let us help you to obtain your SSD benefits as quickly as possible. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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SSD benefits can provide vital assistance to workers who can no longer earn a living because of a physical or mental disability.

The SSA requires evidence that:

  • Unable to do the same work that you did before.
  • The disability has lasted at least 12 months or result in death
  • You cannot adjust to any other type of employment because of your medical condition.

To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you also must have a history of employment. Generally, you can qualify if you have paid into the Social Security system for 40 quarters – 20 of which were in the 10 years before you became disabled.

Work Credits

You will need a certain amount of work credits for approval. If you don’t have enough credits, your entitled to disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

Like many government programs, SSD has grown increasingly complex to make sure it meets an unending variety of conditions and circumstances. You will need more than a doctors note for approval. An applicant for SSD benefits must fill out multiple forms and provide a variety of medical records, employment records, financial statements and other personal data.

The SSA makes the ultimate decision regarding your disability and the financial benefits you deserve based on the information you provide in your claim.

What You Must Provide

You must provide solid medical evidence that your condition is truly disabling. And if you have a mental illness, such as depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or panic attacks (anxiety), the SSA is likely to scrutinize your disability claim more closely.

A Victory Disability attorney experienced with SSD claims can help you gather and complete the paperwork your claim requires. Our experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys can also advise you about additional information that could strengthen your application in the eyes of the SSA.


If you have already applied for Social Security Disability benefits and been turned down, you are not alone. The majority of first-time claims are initially denied, and most claim applicants then find themselves in a lengthy appeals process but, do not worry our Social Security Disability Attorneys have you covered!

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