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Social Security Disability Requirements

There are 3 main requirements necessary for the SSA to deem you as disabled. These 3 disability requirements are that your condition is labeled as severe, it has lasted a minimum of 12 months, and your condition is disabling you from being able to work while earning a substantial income

Next, is how does social security determine if you are disabled according to the SSA rules? Firstly, after you apply, an examiner will request your medical records.This will allow them to be able to determine if you qualify for one of the disabilities in the listing, if so then you qualify and can receive benefits. There are income restrictions that apply to determine if you are to be able to receive disability benefits. Currently you can not be making more than the SGA limit which is $1220.00 per month. That said, SSD has no interest at all with any assets that you have, only SSI does!(if they exceed $2,000) What would count for this would be excess cash, cars and real estate you own.

SSA’s collective definition of disability is a condition in which a person is not capable or able to work and earn a livable income.

SSA’s True Disability Definition.

  • The condition must be severe enough to the point of an inability to participate in work. For children it is an inability to engage in age-appropriate activities.
  • This severe condition must last at least 12 months. The duration of the condition is how the SSA chooses if the disability is possible of being permanent.
  • The condition must be limiting enough that the claimant lacks the ability to go back to a former/previous job they have had. Also that they can not use their skills or abilities to do some other form of labor.

Usually most claims are denied at the application and reconsideration levels. The reason for this being so is that some claimants are classified as being able to return to a pass job or they can return to the workforce but in new and different occupations.

SSD & SSI Requirements. 2 Factors

Qualifying for both types of disability have two layers of criteria. The first one is medical criteria which includes the severe condition(mental or physical) that limits someone from being  involved or engaging in a work activity and provide a gainful income. How is this measured? Using all available medical proof then finalizing the disability rating. That said, these people can be found by 3 limitations. These are where the claimant can not work in a sitting position with a minimal work load. Those who are not capable of even light or medium work. And lastly, the mental residual functional capacity limitations that restrict them from being able to concentrate on their work. Afterwards, their rating is then used in comparison to their previous jobs worked to see if they are currently able to work in that same way again. The disability claimants medical history/evidence is used to assign the RFC rating appropriate for them.

Once the first disability claim hearing date arrives, at the SSA, a claims rep will collect all of your medical information required and then look at all the non-medical requirements there are for both SSDI as well as SSI. Both require such things as birth date, marriages and some personal information about yourself.