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SSD Work Credits

Social Security Disability Work Credits

To be eligible for SSDI you need to have a certain amount of work credits. Work credits are calculated by your earnings. For 2020, 1 work credit is equal to $1,410. 

The maximum work credits earnable in a year is 4 which is equal to $5,640. With work credits, the older the age you are, the more work credits are required for your eligibility. 

For example, becoming disabled at age 42 means you need 20 credits which is 5 years of work, age 50 requires 28 credits which is 7 years of work, age 60 requires 38 credits which is 9.5 years of work and so on. For those who suffer from too few work credits can apply for SSI or Supplemental Security Income which has no work credit requirement! 

The main evidence to provide for SSI is the lack or small amount of income you are earning.

There is also SSDI eligibility for family members of those who are receiving SSDI benefits!

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