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SSD & Workers Compensation Benefits

There is always a presence of confusion with how Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation are able to work together and just how the process can be explained. There are some major differences between the two benefit programs and some things such as Social Security Disability being a program that is federal whereas Workers Compensation changing through each state, is something to keep in mind when going through either process.

One of the biggest questions about these two programs is if they are able to both be received simultaneously. The short answer is yes! There are some things to keep in mind however. Guidance through either program with the help of an attorney is one of the best ways to fully educate yourself on how the process works as well as filing a claim the correct way in a timely manner.

It is strongly recommended to not apply on your own and get the easy and effective help from an attorney. Obviously if you are to recover and go back to working, your Workers Compensation benefits will end and you will no longer receive payments. 

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