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The SSA is not providing in-person services. Here’s what you need to know

During this pandemic, the SSA has made it clear that they will be dedicating tons of staff to help with assisting those even while not being able to in person. This is the perfect time to use their online services that are available or to call for any questions or concerns you may have during this difficult time period. Online there is an abundance of things you can do such as file a claim, file an appeal, check your status, print benefits proof, etc.

 That said, if you feel it is necessary to call there is an appropriate time to call your local field office and the national 800 number. You should call the local field office for scenarios where you did not receive disability payments, you have a terminal illness, you may become or are homeless. Etc. 

You should call the national 800 number when you have a change of address, death reports, and if you are a wounded warrior. One big question that will be asked is what will happen to hearings since they will not be in person.

 Hearings will be offered to occur over the phone since they are not possible in person. SSA also has stated that deadlines will be pushed further back to compensate for this virus outbreak and the necessary precautions that need to be taken.